EU advocacy covers legislative tracking, strategic advice, intervention with EU authorities, funding, state aid, etc. for individual companies or for national, European, or international organisations.

Advocacy is one way the democratic process enables citizens to exercise their right to petition authorities, by facilitating the interaction between organised elements of society - non-governmental organisations, companies and trade associations - and legislators, allowing them to provide technical expertise and to voice their aspirations and concerns, so that legislation ultimately takes account of their needs.

Lawmakers need to have a good understanding of the sectors of society that they regulate. This is possible only through contact with the appropriate business or other leaders, at the right time, and in the right way. MacBrien Cuper Isnard facilitates the dialogue with the EU authorities, working with its clients to devise and carry out a complete advocacy campaign adapted to all stages of the legislative process. Sequentially:

  • detecting and analysing draft EU legislation;
  • drafting amendments;
  • preparing the ground for intervention by business representatives at the right moment, with the right people, and in a manner adapted to both legislators and officials;
  • helping ensure that improvements gained at EU level are not lost during the transposition of the European Directive into national law of the EU Member States.

This covers in particular services assisting in the knowledge and understanding of EU legislative initiatives including analysis of draft legislative texts, strategic counsel and the organisation of partnerships for the defence of common interests.

The firm's action is based on in-depth knowledge of the dossiers, and on regular exchanges with all actors involved (political or technical).