Skills for the world’s most challenging policy process

MacBrien Cuper Isnard is a European Affairs firm established in Brussels in 1994. It provides two interrelated EU-level services: advocacy and management consultancy to trade federations:

  • strategy and process management along the whole legislative cycle;
  • advice and assistance in creating new European associations and improving the performance of existing ones.

Over two decades, MacBrien Cuper Isnard has played a key role in taking one of Europe's largest industries -real estate- to the highest levels of achievement in the EU policy process. The firm has helped its clients build or rebuild federations that have become valued interlocutors of the European Institutions, national governments included. Their achievements in the many fields that concern real estate have become acquis communautaire, part of the corpus of European law.

This is the bedrock of the firm's experience of half of the policy areas under EU competence. In all these fields, the firm has taken its clients through every window of opportunity in the different EU Institutions, conceiving legislative strategy and then planning, coordinating and leading interventions with authorities and political leaders. This effort is intertwined with persistent teambuilding among client staff and members across the Union as well as coalition building with other industry players.

In an increasingly complex EU environment, each situation is unique. Different industries or companies have differing degrees of exposure to EU legislation and different levels of EU representation. Many have difficulty adapting procedures budgets and level of staff to variations in the intensity of EU activity.

Some European organisations find it hard to foster support among their direct and indirect membership. Some national associations or companies find that their European federations have become an obstacle to good relations with the European authorities.

There is no standard solution. MacBrien Cuper Isnard strives to meet each challenge, offering its advocacy and association management know-how to its clients, with a flexible and imaginative approach honed by experience of every aspect of EU policy debate.


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